Captcha Cracking Service

We will break easy captchas for a fee. There is a $20 nonrefundable "evaluation" fee, and a $100 coding fee (which is only paid if we succeed, and you accept our solution) for developing the crack. We only accept paypal. Please note: for ethical reasons, if you are not the owner or an employee of the site, we will email the owner of the website and let them know that their captcha was professionally broken.

We consider a captcha "broken" if we can guess it 40% of the time. Most sites allow you to try 3-4 times before blocking repeated attempts. A 40% success rate translates to 88% success over 4 attempts.

The analysis fee is nonrefundable, and, regardless of whether we can crack it, we will prepare a report with our opinion of the quality of the captcha and the reasons why we think it is strong. If a site doesn't block obvious proxies, we report that as a part of the "analysis" fee.

Please specify the URL of the captcha form in the NOTES section of your payment.