Clean, Fast & Secure's free service makes it extremely simple to place very hard captcha images in front of a form submission. These images are easy for humans to read, but very hard for computers to read. This cuts down on spam for blog comments, contact form submissions and much more.


Captcha Code Generator

Even our easiest settings are difficult for hackers to get past, but are easy for people to read. Only change the default settings if you really need to.

Domain The domain name or host name where your web form is located (where the image will go).
Difficulty How hard should it be to enter the text?
Audio Do you want an audio alternative (Note, this will reduce the security a bit!)
Password Enter the keyphrase your server will use to verify the captcha (10-32 characters of text).
Algorithm Hash algorithm used to secure your captcha.
Javascript Enable Javascript user-convenience functions. Selecting "auto" means the script will inject the full captcha form. Selecting "manual" means you have to paste all the form elements into your form - but it gives you more control over the final look.
Width Width in pixels of captcha image.
Primary Language Language to use when generating images with words in them.
Proxy block? Ususally, when people try to break captcha images using a robot, they also try to hide the IP address they are coming from. Highly recommended.
Contact Email Completely optional. If we fix, break or change the api, we will email you. (Rarely used. Not shared with anyone.)